Innovative Scottish Hygiene Company, Passionate About Providing Clinically Tested, Multipurpose, Hygiene Products

Pristine Hygiene is an enterprise specialising in the provision of hygiene solutions, based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

From humble beginnings, our organisation has grown steadily since our inception, and we are now proud to serve many of the UK’s leading businesses with high-quality, great value hygiene products.

We provide all aspects of sanitisation products from hand sanitisers to alcohol wipes, surface disinfectants to dispensers as well as medical and civilian PPE.

All complaint and tested to highest and all available BS EN standards

Our founders have a medical background so we understand the importance of health and hygiene within workforces and commercial operations.

Our Hygiene solutions will continue to help all industries, from Healthcare to leisure and hospitality, keeping workforces and customers safe and protected, always.